Plants for chemical industry

since 1948




B.I.I.C. Bianchi since 1948 designs and manufactures complete plants for chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
All the equipment is built according to the most recent european product directives (PED, ATEX, MACHINE, LOW VOLTAGE) and is made entirely in stainless steel or in Hastelloy, incoloy, monel or other corrosion-resistant alloys.
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Polymerization plants

Complete universal plants for the synthesis of high or low viscosity resins, for the production of saturated and unsaturated polyesters, alkyds resins, acrylics, vinylics, phenolic, polyurethanes, epoxy or other nature polymers. Both polycondensation or polyaddition polymerization plants can be supplied.


Pharmaceutical plants

Complete plants for the synthesis of organic compunds, under vacuum and in pressure, even with corrosive or flammable agents. Equipment for reaction, filtration, separation, crystalization, fermentation and extraction can be supplied, according to the process specifications.


Distillation plants

Turn-key plants for the distillation, concentration or evaporation of liquid compounds and mixtures. Solvents recovery, wiped / thin film evaporatros, falling film reboilers and distillation columns, entirely made in stainless steel AISI 316 and up to 30 meters in height.


Pilot plants

Complete pilot plants for laboratory use and sample production, from volumes of 5 liters up to 1 m³. Plants can be designed for high or low viscosity liquids, for high pressure or vacuum, with all kind of accessories and for all kind of processes. Heating up to 400°C and pressure of 200 bar or more.



Plate filters, agitated press filters, cartridge filters and Buchner type filters, designed for the filtration of any kind of slurry. Diameter from 250 mm up to 2500 mm, entirely made in stainless steel with the possibility of anti-corrosion coatings application (Teflon, PFA).


Fermenters and Bioreactors

Fermenters designed fo pressure up to 20 barg and volumes from 5 liters up to 150 m³. Design temperature up to 160°C, completed with standard instrumentation such as O₂/CO₂ analyzers, pH, Redox, temperature and pressure control.



Complete reactors for all kind of chemicals synthesis, completely in stainless steel, with half-pipe coil jacket, volume up to 60 m³ and design pressure up to 20 barg. Agitation blades designed for all kind of viscosity requested, with electric or hydraulic motor, mechanical seal and all the requested characteristics.


Dissolutors and extractors

Complete units for extraction or dissolution with solvents and concentration or dilution, operating under vacuum and at low temperature for thermolabiles products. Ultrasound extracotrs, concentration vessels, thin film evaporator, chiller cooled condenser.


Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling groups composed of heat exchangers, pumps, boilers (with electrical resistance or combustion type), for diathermic oil up to 350°C or water. Steam generators up to 12 barg , chillers, cooling towers. From laboratory scale to industrial size plants.


Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers, completely built in stainless steel, designed for temperatures up to 300°C and for pressures up to 100 barg. From 1 m² of exchanging surface up to 100 ². Shell and tube types, single or multi-pass, with straight or U shap tubes.


Scrubbers and blow down

Air pollution control devices, for ventilation and gas emissions cleaning. Washing with water and soda or other reagents, inside stainless steel columns filled with Pall rings or spray nozzles. Blow down tanks and heat exchangers for cooling and condensing exhausts are also produced.


Automation and process control

Electric power boards, MCCs, PC-PLC systems with SCADA software. Fully automated controls and safety systems, batch control and autoamtic dosing and loading systesm, both for both Hazardous or Safe areas. More simple pneumatic logic can also be supplied.


Vacuum groups

Vacuum units and skids for distillation, polymerization, evaporation or other extraction systems. Liquid rings pumps, oil sealed pumps dry diaphragm or dry screw pumps, with or without roots and booseters. Completed on requests with traps and condensers, for high vaccum (10-3 mbar).


Custom skids & Other

Custom, taylor made skids. Tanks, traps, agitators and parts for existing plants can also be realized.