Complete reactors for chemical synthesis with the main and most used following characteristics :
Design temp. : from –90 °C to 350 °C
Internal design pressure : up to 20 Barg + full vacuum.
Half pipe coil jacket design pressure: up to 20 Barg.
Construction materials : Stainless Steel AISI 316, SAF 2205, Hastelloy, Alloy B3, C-2000, C-276 and other corrosion resistant alloys.
Volume : from 300 litres to 60 m3 Agitation type : hydraulic, inverter controlled or direct.
Blades type : anchor, impeller, wing, ribbon and combined types.
Standard execution : mechanical seal, foot bearing, manhole, N2 sparger, poppet valve, etc.

On demand, projects and offers according to the specific request.

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