B.I.I.C. BIANCHI S.p.A. is a company established in 1948.

The main purposes of our company is to project and to manufacture chemical plants mainly concerned with :

  1. the chemical industry in general;
  2. pharmaceutical and resin product industry in particular;
  3. food industry;
  4. adhesives and glues industry;
  5. cosmetic, perfume and essences extraction industry.

We design and costruct complete plants for

  • organic synthesis
  • filtration
  • concentration
  • heat exchanging
  • extraction
  • dissolution
  • pilot plants
  • safety systems
  • fermentation
  • distillation and rectification
  • pollution control
  • process control

The design for pressure vessels are made according to I.S.P.E.S.L.- APAVE - BS - ASME - TÜV codes.

The construction materials are : Stainless Steels - Hastelloys - Incoloys - Monel - Titanium and all other alloys corrosion resistant.

More in detail, we mainly produce the following plants :

organic synthesis, low and high temperature (up to 350 °C) for organic intermediates (fine chemicals, pharmaceutical bulks), for synthetic resins (alkyd, epossidic, melaminic, polyester, polyurethane, etc.)

distillation and rectification with packed columns, plate columns with bells, functioning in pressure or under vacuum

• concentration with vessels heated with steam or diathermic oil, falling film concentrators, thin layer concentrators

heat exchanging with shell and tube exchangers, U tube exchangers, double plate exchangers, double pipe exchangers, tube coils, condensers, evaporators

• extraction with agitated vessels completed with condensers, phase and azeotropic separators

fermentation for antibiotics production (tetracycline, erythromycin, penicillin, etc.) complete with fermenters and filtering plants, extraction, salts preparation and final sterilisation

• dissolution with vessels with external jacket or half pipe coil jacket, special design agitation, with stepless speed variation

• filtration : horizontal plates filters, agitated pressure filters with removable filtering plate, agitated drying filters with flat plate, bell filters with hydraulic elevator, Buchner type filters

• pilot plants reproducing exactly the industrial ones

• pollution control as blow down systems, scrubbers for gaseous effluents, traps for sublimates or for low boiling point components operated with liquid nitrogen

• safety systems as jacketed safety valves, special heated vent valves, oxygen analysers sets for hazardous and explosion-proof areas

• computerised control systems for all the described plants

All our equipment are pre-assembled and tested in our workshop before shipping.